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The Book Collective Co Book Club is a group that we have lovingly put together for women who want to connect with other like minded spirits for a night of conversations to inspire us to live deeply connected to what feeds our souls. Every month we explore a new book that moves to create our own unique lives. Inviting authors and other speakers to shake it up and challenge us to change for the better. Living always.....with good grace. 

Our extraordinary group of women meet at least every month for dinner and drinks for the purpose of making new connections, friendship and a good belly laugh, all in the surroundings of a beautiful space held just for you. If you are in Adelaide, we invite you to join us in person and if you are further afield, join our online membership. The books bring us together but it's the friendship that form that hold us through whatever life throws our way. 

You're Invited


Kerry Ware.

Hi I'm Kerry Ware, and I'm a life change strategist,  teacher and workshop facilitator. Since 2018, I have been offering resilience coaching, to clients who want to re-evaluate their values, focus and their desire for living greater lives as they start over.
My love of books and the teaching contained within has held me through the worst that life can throw along with my friendships with amazing women who held me up when I fell. 
Too many of us live without the support of other women. It's time to change that and live beyond the mundane and surround ourselves with people who lift you up. 
One life, one shot! Come along, it will be fun! 
Coffee with Friends

"The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul."



Thank you for joining!

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