Your tribe of women

Finding your tribe

Finding your tribe can be an interesting ride. Why do I need an inner circle I hear you say and what the heck are you on about Kez? ... read on my fine friends. 

Learning who are your champions, those people close in your life that will actually tell you, "Yes, your bum looks big in those jeans" and smile with love and a wink on reply! They allow you to spill out the entire contents of your brain and don't judge. They are there for you without criticism or judgement. When you tell them your great ideas and your brainstorm together. You can pour your heart out of your latest love or heartbreak and they hear you in silence and cry along with you. Never will you hear the words " I told you so!"   They are your people and the people who belong in that circle. 

Let's talk about the "circle". It's most likely small and possibly a really small group of your friends or family who are your go to when you want the truth... the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Maybe it's less than 5, maybe it's only two but those friends are the ones you give the golden ticket to your heart and your deepest thoughts. 

I must admit that my own inner circle has become tighter over time but the quality of my love for these guys is deep. Never will you find finer people, and we share laughter and tears, plans for the future all in a place of safety and in a full judgement free zone. 

Search them out, and possibly you have a really great feeling of who they are already. You will champion each other through the craziness of life. 

And always remember how much you love them. Life is a long ride, though sometimes it's short. 

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