Time for a Change

Is it time for a change?

What is it about a perfectly capable woman that waits on the approval of others in all that we do and want to do in the future? I'm pretty sure that men have a completely different mindset, though I'm happy to be corrected.

I'd love your feedback on this one my friends as it's a mystery to me and exploring through coaching has certainly helped me personally gain some perspective on how I see my world. Certainly, I only have myself to study and holy hell I sometimes find that I am the master of waiting for a cheer squad to approve of my every move.

Now, I'm all for throwing ideas past my closest friends just in case I'm completely off tack and the chance of burning my own house down is high. They've saved me in the past form some pretty way out there ideas, but what I'm exploring is how we hold ourselves back from really big plans and dreams. Recently I've been working through some teaching and taking full ownership for my life and given myself permission to own it... all of it! The need for certainty in life has held me back, what holds you from living your best life?

I month or so ago wrote a note to myself, a plan if you will for what I’d want for my day if all bets were off and I highly recommend that you have a go yourself. It's an amazing way to seek clarity on how you'd love to live "if only" for all the roadblocks that currently hold us in the grind. Then work towards building your life, your way. Now this isn't your day of laying on a beach in Bali sipping mojitos forever.... though that sounds mighty fine for a week or two a year.

I can highly recommend that prescription from experience and basking in the sun giggling with my friends brings me great happiness. No, this is the average every day. How it feels in the ordinary because quite frankly that's what life is. A collection of days stitched together that we call our life. So, what does yours look like?

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Life is a long road, though sometimes it's short.

Live your best life, we only get one shot.