These 4 things

Gratitude for this glorious life.

It's a brand-new week and sitting in the sunshine with a glass of wine with my guy on a lazy Sunday gives me time for thought. 

We talked about life and the big picture. I love days like this where I can sit on reflect how I'm stepping up and where I can do better. There's a quiet stillness today and I think, where can I be more? I'd ask this of you too, where can you give to yourself and those you love. Just being a little bit better and giving just a little bit more. Just a little more happiness and a little more kindness. 

These are my big 4 that I mulled over whilst looking over the valley in the Adelaide Hills.


How can I listen a little closer when my kids are talking to me and sharing their week? The boys are all grown now, yet the conversations are always cherished and I will always be their Mum.  Can I hear them? Can I quiet my mind and sit in silence a little more? Can I allow myself to slow down? Can I look after my body just a little better? Seriously getting back into the gym shouldn't be so hard. Maybe it's yoga, or running for you. (hot yoga!... you and I can never be friends) The body needs to move and it's time to stop with the BS excuses. How can I be just a little bit more compassionate to this unique creation and slow down and listen?  How can we all? 


I'm incredibly thankful for the life we have here in this amazing country and I reckon I could do a whole lot better on seeing how far I've come and the big joys and the small blessings. Gratitude is such a great word and we don't use it as often as we should. I'm so thankful for this week and meeting amazing people, sharing the ups and downs. What amazing things have happened in your week and your life? We should celebrate that! 


Stepping into the shoes of others and seeing the world though their eyes. This is a big one for me and it's a muscle I'm working all the time. All we see is our perspective of the world. I see blue whilst others see red and when we let go of our view, the world opens and relationships soar. 

Finally, patience. 

Nothing worthy was built in a day and all the change that we wish for ourselves takes time. I'm so very proud of both you and I for being patient and continuing to step forward towards living our best life. 

Life is short, live it well.