The Handbag of Happiness- the book

by Alannah Hill

Reinvention, modern day chaos, resilience, sadness and love. A book to enjoy over a glass of wine and a long bath.

Real life stories from Alannah Hill. It reminds me of conversations that you’d have with your best friend regaling stories of “remember the time when”…. 

"The brassiere of lovelessness I was like any other single mother, in that my undergarments/smallest department required a massive overhaul. We single mothers let ourselves go in the undergarment/smalls department”.  We are what you might call all outside show. As a single professional woman, I was all outside show. My exterior was flawless although where there was one small problem it was time-consuming.” 

Stories of her life, love, longings of and about her incredible life. Stories that will leave you laughing out loud in public and make you realise that we all aren’t so different. Hilariously dry with her irreverent tone brought throughout them. I can hear her voice as I read the pages , she's a crack up!! Who are we if we can't be ourselves. In all our glory!

She doesn’t take yourself too seriously and that’s a true gift for someone so talented and for us to understand that her stories are very much of our own. Children growing up and our desire to keep them close, dating again as an older woman, and living alone intentionally as a “LAT". (Living alone together). 

The Handbag of Happiness made my heart sing and it makes me want to read it again and I’m sure you will too.  Xmas presents coming up sisters!!!