Finding your own North Star 

The North Star, Stella Polaris, a guiding light for travellers to find their way home.

Thinking about how to find my north star or purpose as I think of it in 2020 has been top of my mind as I'm sure it has of so many of us this year. I think the answer lies in the power of saying yes to what brings happiness and a smile to the day and perhaps more no's to so much of the aspects of life that take us no closer to our essential self.

I think nothing meaningful happens by accident and whilst we might only have a vague idea on where we are heading, it’s a powerful commitment to ourselves and the way we live intentionally now and more so our future selves that places the importance on looking ahead rather than our feet. 

As was once told to me many years ago. “ look up, there’s nothing there for you down on the floor” - Terri Roberts

Using the word “design” as a verb, to create with the endless possibilities for what is ahead and making life bespoke, truly ours. The way we approach our life and what do we want it to feel, look and be? 

If you could experience all your dreams and desires for yourself, what would they be? Words and thoughts need to be experienced, not just a movie reel in our minds. 

  • What’s important to me and why? Soul, career, heart, home, people, adventure, reflection, community? Maybe there’s something else? 

  • Where do I want to be in 2, 5 and 10 years?

  • Who am I and how can I live my best life? 

  • What cannot I not live without? 

Reaching the destination is not the goal, but the direction is important and stepping closer. The journey is the destination as the saying goes. And it’s not out there I think.

It’s right here. It may change in time. Where we are in a year’s time, won’t be the same as now. 

So while it might only be that vague idea and a sense in your gut, the call of something more out there that you can sense, it’s still guiding us all if we’d only listen. Underneath the “what” there will be a “why too! That’s where the magic is, because the feeling for what we want is actually how we want to experience it.

It’s usually not a thing, more money, bigger house, better job, 2 kids, wife, husband, partner. It’s what they represent.

So, how do we find our own North Star?


 Reading, listening, talking and experimenting with what feels right. The road will never be straight and it might take a few turns. You may even find yourself at a different destination than your original map. 


Dialling down the noise and look inwards. Stillness, quiet moments, writing and time alone. Pieces of the puzzle for what speaks to you. 

And finally finding the right people to surround yourself with. Friends and family that fill you up and cheer you on. 

we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with” - Jim Rohn 

And above all,

Write it down in in a diary, your journal or in a voice message to yourself. There’s something really powerful about hearing it in your own voice. Listening to last year’s dream and does it still hold true? Can you add, subtract but is the essence the same.

Deep down how we want to feel is pretty solid. Foundations usually are. 

Is it living a simple life? Mine it to live simply, live well and learn to let go of my thoughts that don’t serve me. Happiness in the acceptance of what is and the uncertainty of life. Life is a trip! 

I've loved reading Martha Beck's classic "Finding Your Own North Star" again. It's timeless and gave me the kick in the pants that I needed. Instead of turning left, I'm turning right.

Kerry x