Dialling down the noise

5 Tips for Dialling down the noise.

Busy Brains drive our busy lives. Finding much welcome relief and seeking our a little piece of heaven in silence to recharge is just the ticket.

Dr Jenny Brockis and her book Thriving Minds draws light to the constant exposure to noise. Voices, music, background din and low level ambient noise all adding to stress overload to our nervous systems. There are days when we aren't sure where our stress is coming from, but take a moment to notice the constant noise surrounding you. Those of us who are sensitive to noise will suffer the most, however we can find our own solace in quiet. Here are my top 5 tactics to escape the auditory overload.

  • switch off the tech when you get home. How often do we turn on the TV the moment we walk in the door? see how long you can go in silence

  • seek out a quiet spot for a coffee break. Bring your significant other and ask for 10 minutes of silence.

  • make noise cancelling headphones your friend at work if you can. short breaks of silence will bring your stress level down.

  • 20 minute walk after work, headphones on with your pet of choice along for the stroll.

  • 10 minutes meditating in the evenings. This can be a challenge for a busy brain, but stick with it. A week in mindful breath work makes a huge difference.

Getting comfortable with quiet can be a challenge for some and like coming home to others. Which one are you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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