Calm in the Crazy

Wow! Well that escalated quickly!

The world is having a moment and it’s something our only our grandparents can remember. And yet, in these moments when people’s lives are so rattled, all that training, all that life experience, all the wisdom of what’s come before now becomes so valuable. Because there’s a choice to be had and even though I was absolutely freaked for a bit when this current crisis unveiled itself, I knew that I was and that we’d be ok and so clicked in the self-coaching I’d been trained in and applied it thickly like butter on bread.

Training my brain to be quiet and calm when the entire world was apparently buying toilet paper on mass. If I said to you “don’t panic”, what’s the first thing that comes into your brain?... Panic! And panic they did but underlying that is most likely a need for feeling in control. I understand.



Conscious thought



Concepts that are big thinking and too big for most when your world seems uncertain. So, I’m going to break it down over next few months and help as many as I can to be able to still their mind, understand your thinking and still make great choices for yourself to move ahead. Build a nest that helps you feel safe and find calm again. The next three or six months are going to pass and how we come out of them is all up to us all of us.

Your life is yours and you choose. You do this every day, most of it without awareness. When you get anxious, that’s a choice. When you allow panic, that’s a choice too. That winding road your brain takes… that’s a choice but if you can catch your thinking, now you’re in the driver’s seat.

As I like to think, “Are you doing life or is life doing you?”

Our current circumstance is what it is and I’m choosing to work with it. It might be a blip on our life’s radar, or it might be a bloody big boil, but either way, on the other side we will get there. How we get there is the big question for most.

Join us for our next virtual book club meet up. We are still together even though we are apart. Virtual wine night coming right up!