Becoming the best version of yourself

I’m writing my friends! A book no less… don’t judge me! And it’s hard, really hard. I am trying to tell myself that it’s an English assignment with a due date. So, when I am not here, I’m there, or working, or catching up with Micah, or the boys, or home, or with my friends over coffee and dinner. They keep me fed.

Not some fanciful ode to the past but of my story and my perspective. Digging deep to the last 6 years as a 50 …something, flawed human being and all the lessons I’ve learnt. Living on my own, watching the boys grow up. Navigating tough times. Learning, growing. Will it be published? I have to finish it first and see if it’s worth a read. I invested in my own coach to keep me on track and as a book lover, it’s not lost on me of the irony of trying to write my own.

And through it I am finding my strength in asking for what I want and a quiet peace finding out what makes me happy. I’ve been pruning a lot, less seems a whole lot more., some things on the backburner, others to the front.

That’s how I’ve found the unapologetic balance. Imagining life like a six burner cook top. There’s only so much energy to give and mostly the cook top of my own life gets most, but not all. I need to keep some for myself. Some parts of my life get turned onto simmer, while others crank up the heat and I can give them the energy they need. Mindful that my most important humans need some quality too.

Nurture, it’s big on my list. We can be forgiven for forgetting that we need to nurture ourselves too so that we have enough to give to others. It was a big lesson for me and not listening to the lesson put me on my backside for the best part of twelve months. Big lesson, let’s not learn it twice.

Let me know what fills your cup up?