100 Incredible Women

You thought I'd disappeared, fallen off of the face of the planet! But no!!...

Let me share where I've been over the last two months and who I've been talking to, researching into how women manage a complex life. What works and what doesn't.

Close to 100 of the most amazing independent strong women who shared what the reality of their worlds. I chose this diverse group of women because of the raw honesty that shone through the posts that they share of themselves and unashamedly out to the world. Girlfriends, long lost friends, cousins, FB connections, LinkedIn businesswomen, all of them sharing what's happening in their lives and the challenges that face them every day.

Have you ever wondered what other women's lives are like? How do they organise their lives, getting what needs doing done and still have time for themselves?

As a society, I've been fascinated by social media and the pressure that puts on women as we try to do it all at once, ( no you can't, it's a myth, I will explain why). Perhaps we are conditioned to want to be liked by our tribe, our peers and network that surrounds us, all cheering us on. We have a dozen plates in the air, trying to balance them all, the audience applauding our ability to defy the laws of gravity. Exhausting isn't it?

Honesty outside of the social media spotlight came with deep discussion and there was a link throughout all our conversations with these amazing women.

This is where it got really interesting. The biggest conversation was about how to balance everything that was important to you. Trying to plan out the road ahead with something that sense of "do ability" and how to get it all to come together to be a life you actually enjoyed. Most of you were late 40's and beyond with huge life experience. Relationships, financial stability, re-partnering, independence, kids growing up, stuff... lots of stuff. We all came together as this great melting pot of wisdom, triumphs and past failures.

I scooped all this detail that you'd given me and researched to find a solution to the questions.

How do we dance in life and weave in and out of what's important right now? As Gary Keller author of "The One Thing" says, "success is about doing the right thing, not doing everything right"

Question... what fills you up and what holds you back?