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Xorin Balbes


Creating a Home that is free from clutter, full of beauty and Inspired by you.

Lauded designer and architectural conservator Balbes created the eight-stage SoulSpace transformation process to help his clients. Through the stages, assess, release, cleanse, dream, discover, create, elevate, and celebrate, readers explore not only the design of their living spaces but also their own interiors: the ways they think, feel, and sense.

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When you walk into your home, how does it feel? Is it a place that brings a sense of calm, inspiration, love, happiness, recharge and replenish.

What is essential for you when you walk in the door of your space and if you closed your eyes, what would you like it to be? Our homes are more than a place and more than just the possessions within it.

Xoring Balbes is the co-owner of the interior and architectural firm SoulSpace Home and now writer of this beautiful book which asks the questions about the spaces we live in and creating a home we love.

Walking with you through 8 stages of consideration. Decoding the story of your home and redesigning and reassigned the spaces for who you are or who you would like to become.

How to feel at home when you are at home”

This gave me new eyes for when I walked into my home. Programming my Alexa to have soft music playing when I arrived home in the afternoons. Small things, but mighty!

“ Imagine the ways in which your space can support your dreams”

This is for everyone no matter how big or small the budget. Finding treasures that have meaning and lost possessions resigned to the back of cupboards.

“If you don’t love it, release it. If it doesn’t make you feel amazing, get rid of it. If it’s beautiful but makes you feel lousy, let it go”

Permission to let go and make room for living.

I’m not one for the “dream board” but the further I delved into Xorin’s process, the more it opened my eyes on how I see and love my space.This beautiful little home.

Practical and achievable advice throughout the pages.

Turn your home into a temple for your soul- Xorin Balbes

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