Hi, I'm Kerry, independent free spirit by day, author and book blogger by night, and mum of three fine young men always.


No stranger to the unexpected turmoil and tragedy of life, I take it in my stride. It hasn't always been so. I've learnt to delve deeply and lean in and be the very best version of myself that I can, and find strength in my own wisdom seeking out the best knowledge I can find in the writing of others that have gone before me. 

The authors, books and wisdom contained within the heart of books has helped overcome, grief, loss and rise above to become my own powerhouse to live an independent life.I'm proud to create a place for learning for women everywhere. This is what I have wanted to create for the longest time. 

A place for the love of books and the wisdom created within. I have left the coaching behind to be true to what I love. My boys, my family and my deep love of books. Life is short, very short and I decided to follow my heart and stay true to living a life designed that is uniquely mine. 


Over time, I knew that I have wanted to focus on building a community of people who love to be in touch with living great lives —whether it comes to books and the message contained within, living well, creating homes to feed our souls and learning through the thousands of lives shared between the pages of amazing messages and dealing with life and all the dust that it digs up for us.

My blog delivers content that is relatable, authentic and honest in all things, covering topics ranging from the latest must-read non fiction books to dig deep on life's mysterious trek, cook books to feed the soul, creating a beautiful home to nest in, to even our struggles with balancing the many roadblocks and crossroads of our lives.Along with cutting out the crap that fills our head with conversations that we can leave behind. 

To say that I love books is an understatement. A life spent learning new ideas and ways of thinking and the deep relaxation with a cup of tea (or a fine wine) is where you will find me most evenings.Every now and then I toy with moving to a home with a huge library for my books. For now my little townhouse is home and I surround myself with things I love. 


I love reading and reviewing the most anticipated books, find new gems to read and classics rediscovered.  I'm looking forward to interviewing the industry’s bestselling authors, bringing their works to the wider community of creative and inspiring women. 

No slouch for the love of surrounding myself with pieces that speak to me, I'm always on the search for new finds and the inspiration on what works for everyday life, for real women with an on-the-go lifestyle.

I currently live in Adelaide, South Australia with my trusty pooch Annabelle, surrounded by my boys, my girlfriends and walking alongside my new partner in life. Living life with all the ups and downs, as you do! 

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Reading Books

Reading can teach you

the best of what others

already know.

- James Clear